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There is a movement happening right now that you may have never been aware of until this very moment. A new shift in goalkeeping development has been brewing for decades. In the secret athletic development houses, of some of the most powerful football organizations in the world, an elite few have been given the key to reshaping the development of the football goalkeeper forever. Finally, you will be given the chance to unlock the vault to your true goalkeeping potential, and your goalkeeping skills may never be the same again…

Are You Ready To Learn How To Dramatically

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Discover Scientifically Proven Fitness Facts & Never Before Seen Insider Training Tips From Leading Football Experts That Will Help You Maximize Your Goalkeeping Performance All Year Round…

Internationally Certified Fitness Instructor and Competitive Goalkeeper From Sydney Australia Gains Exclusive Access To Leading Goalkeeping Experts From Around The Globe Whom Will Teach You How to Dramatically Improve Your Aerobic Fitness, Enhance Your Strength Training Regime, Create Tremendous Amounts Of Muscle Power and Uncover Little Known Super Foods to Boost Your Diet & Goalkeeper Performance All In One Easy To Access Membership Site!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Keeper Skool Certified!

Hi John,

I’m a professional player, currently playing for Bristol City. What I’ve read of your book (The G-Code e-book, part of Keeper Skool Certified) so far is very impressive and along the same lines as how I train and believe goalkeepers should train.


Chris (Bristol, UK)


I just paid for a membership to Keeper-Skool for my daughter (a 13-year-old goalkeeper on her club team). We exchanged emails awhile back when I asked you about information which might help her with goal kicks. You were gracious enough to respond quickly. I’m happy to say that her goal kicks have improved dramatically since then!

Thanks so much!

Frank Johnson

Dear Fellow Goalkeeper,

You have just uncovered a goalkeeper training goldmine, that no goalkeeping trainer has ever taught you, and you knew nothing about until this very moment. Have you been searching for goalkeeper
specific training information and have chased your tail? How about wasting valuable money and time trying to uncover the truth behind  how the pro goalkeepers train the way they do? You don’t have to search anymore, because the information you have just discovered is leaps and bounds ahead of any goalkeeping information ever developed, 100% guaranteed!

My name is John Stevanja, and over the last 15 years, through immense trial and error I have traveled the globe training in some of the best soccer environments in the world, trying to unravel the same burning questions about maximizing goalkeeper specific performance as you are today. Finally, after years of research and experimentation I have uncovered a football mine field that will explode every question you ever had about goalkeeper specific training and it’s better than any goalkeeper information you will find on the market today. I’ve Dubbed It… Keeper Skool Certified!

Goalkeepers In Top Flight Competition Have a Massive Edge Over You & You Can’t Do A Damned Thing About It…Or Can You?

Every goalkeeper dreams of playing in the big leagues some day. The difference between an average “joe blow goalkeeper” and the best goalkeepers in the world is not technique alone, it’s the fact that world class goalkeepers have access to knowledge from the best goalkeeper trainers and sports scientists on the planet!

Let’s face it, you don’t have access to the best goalkeeper trainers in the world. Realistically it would take you many, many years to research all the information that you need to enhance your goalkeeper ability. We’ve done all the hard work for you with the Keeper Skool Certified membership program.

In fact, the Keeper Skool Certified membership program has been developed from researching the exact techniques I spent literally “thousands” of dollars to get my goalkeeping gloves on! That means, if you searched for 10 years, or even 20 years trying to compile this same information provided within the Keeper Skool Certified membership program yourself you would never be able to find the time or money!

So I squeezed together the very best goalkeeper specific training methodologies, interviews with the best goalkeeper trainers from around the world, goalkeeper training tips from top football scientists, a membership forum frequented by top goalkeepers and coaches in an easy to use, easy to access, information packed membership portal you can access anytime, anywhere!

It Took Some Serious Hard Earned Cash & Tonnes Of Determination To Find A Goalkeeper Trainer Who Had Sound, “Goalkeeper Specific” Knowledge…And I Was Still Frustrated!

Each Goalkeeper is totally different, and have very specific wants. Some goalkeepers want to increase their strength to super size themselves and smash through gangling looking attackers. Other goalkeepers may need to increase their muscle power so they can blast the ball into oblivion and float over their opposition with a single leap! Realistically, you would have to pay a lot of money to get a personal goalkeeper trainer (if you can find one) to provide you with all this information, and again it would take you many years to be able to put that hard earned information you have just gained to any good use…

I must admit, I was one of a very lucky few who had the opportunity to actually have some of the best goalkeeper trainers in Australia and Europe teach me. But even after spending thousands upon thousands of my own hard earned cash and time, all I got was great technique and nothing more. If you think you can survive in the extremely competitive world of the goalkeeper on technique alone you are not taking your goalkeeping ability to its highest possible level. Great technique can only be enhanced with very specific information that relates to the competitive goalkeeper alone. The truth is that you will rarely have the opportunity to learn from the best goalkeeper trainers in the world without some serious investment.

Well, the good news is that Keeper Skool Certified is the most up to date goalkeeping membership site specifically designed for goalkeepers of all ages on the market today. You will never find this kind of information anywhere (go ahead…I dare you). This means you get thousands of dollars worth of very rare goalkeeper specific information, specifically designed for the competitive goalkeeper at a fraction of the money you would realistically spend doing this kind of research on your own, or paying someone else to
provide you with it. Think of the Keeper Skool Certified membership site as your very own personal goalkeeper trainer, that is updated monthly with mountains of scientifically proven information
from some of the best goalkeeper trainers and sports scientists in the world to help you take your goalkeeper performance to a whole new level.

It Got To The Point Where I Thought That I Would Never Find  Any Goalkeeper Specific, Scientific Information…But Then I Cracked The Code!

Funnily enough, there has only been (literally) a handful of research ever conducted into goalkeeper specific science. In fact, It was so rare for me to find any information on enhancing goalkeeper specific fitness in
any scientific journals or online for that matter, I started to feel that goalkeepers were an extinct species! If you were to spend the voluminous amount of hours I consumed trying to find goalkeeper specific fitness information that was timely and relevant, then you would be seriously frustrated at the limited amount of information you would discover!

The goalkeeper specific information exposed within the Keeper Skool Certified membership site is extremely rare to find anywhere on the net, or for that matter in prestigious scientific journals. Sure, you
may find only some tiny bits of information on a few select “soccer specific” sites or a rare goalkeeping forum in the back waters of the internet. But let’s get realistic here, you need “goalkeeper specific” training information that has been researched and developed by elite level goalkeeper coaches who have years of powerful and rare goalkeeper information to share with you. No more searching only to find outdated information. The Keeper Skool membership site will include Monthly Updates with powerful goalkeeper specific information you just won’t find anywhere else but in the Keeper Skool Certifed membership site!

They Said I Could Never Make It At Top Flight Football, But Using The Same Training Principles Outlined In the Keeper Skool Certified Membership site …I Proved Them All Wrong!

Now, I can sense that you are skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me show you some documentation that gives you insight into how, using the same scientific principles outlined in the Keeper Skool Certified & The G-Code e-book (part of your membership subscription), I used myself as a human goalkeeping guinea pig to go from playing in the local leagues of Sydney, to gaining trials with Bury in the English League 2! View the training document below  to see the amazing results I gained from using the same scientific principles outlined in this exclusive membership portal!

Now I’m certain that you too can gain the same great goalkeeping fitness results as those presented in the documents above! How? It’s all outlined within the Keeper Skool Certified Membership Site and our G-Code e-book!

The G-Code e-book (part of your Keeper Skool Certified subscription) allows you to gain your competitive edge in easy to read, step-by-step chapters that take you through the evolution of the competitive
goalkeeper from juniors, to girls, to the amateur goalkeeper or highly competitive goalkeeper (GOALKEEPERS OF ALL ABILITIES & AGES ARE INCLUDED!) Whether it is goalkeeper plyometrics, the best goalkeeping strength training guidelines, or power foods to enhance the goalkeepers diet, every aspect of your goalkeeper fitness regime is included…the scientific information presented in The G-Code and our Keeper Skool Certified Membership Program is exclusive to you, the competitive goalkeeper, so be the first person to sign up for this amazing information packed membership site now…for only US $9.95 per month!

Finally, Real Information To Enhance Your Goalkeeping Fitness!

Let’s face it…most goalkeepers would not be able to afford the thousands of dollars it takes to get the best goalkeeper trainers in the world to train you at the level you need. More importantly, most athletic teams
would never allow you to access their top sports scientists and their own clubs years of thorough research into the art of goalkeeping…why would they, they risk losing their competitive advantage! Another key
factor is that elite goalkeeper trainers will not be able to ever fit you into the hectic top flight club’s training schedule. It’s not their fault…they get paid to make sure that their goalkeepers succeed. If their goalkeeper’s don’t succeed, the goalkeeper trainer risks losing their job…why should they invest their time with you?

You’d think that it’s a bad situation for goalkeepers trying to gain a competitive edge.  Really, it is a blessing in disguise!

Let  me explain.

Only a few short years ago I was just like you trying to find a way back into the best shape of my life as a competitive goalkeeper. My goal had always been to try and make a shot at the big leagues. Instead of
investing my money trying to track down a personal goalkeeper trainer, I decided to study the fine art of fitness instruction & personal training myself. I felt that the only person who would be able to get me into goalkeeper specific shape…was me, and me alone! After six years of studying every facet of athletic science I began shaping together the Keeper Skool Certified Membership Program, sifting through 1000′s of online and hardcover scientific journals to help make your access to this unique program at the cutting edge of goalkeeping development. I’ve put in the hard yards for you, so that you get the most comprehensive guide for goalkeeper specific performance on the planet, without using 1000′s of dollars of your own time and effort. You can find it all in The G-Code (Part of the Keeper Skool Certified Membership Site).

With the training resources you’ll access in this unique membership site you’ll be able to gain improved all-round goalkeeping ability throughout the whole competitive season and beyond!

I’m so confident that the information I provided in the Keeper Skool Certified membership program will maximize your goalkeeping ability that I will happily eliminate 100% of the risk by providing an unconditional 1 year money back guarantee. You enhance your goalkeeper development to the peak of your abilities with Keeper Skool Certified or you don’t pay a single penny. Order your subscription to Keeper Skool Certified now by clicking here.

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You Will Learn When You Invest In Keeper Skool Certified & The G-Code ebook:

  • Delve inside the anatomy of a junior goalkeeper and discover safe and powerful scientific training prescriptions especially created to help maximize the performance of your young goalkeeper, and certain exercise prescriptions you must absolutely avoid. A must read for every parent!

  • Discover the power of carbohydrate loading to explode your goalkeeping performance & learn why low carbohydrate diets can do more harm than good.

  • Why some fats can actually power up your goalkeeping performance and help enhance your energy levels, and the balancing act that you need to take heed of before you consume too much fat.

  • Finally, an insight into little known super foods to help increase the goalkeepers metabolism and power performance to new heights.

  • Compelling research into the metabolism of a female goalkeeper and the super foods
    that every girl goalkeeper should take heed of to take their goalkeeping performance to new and improved heights.

  • Super hydration techniques to help enhance your goalkeeping game, and unravel some of the most powerful and safest supplements you can utilize to help fight fatigue, stress and super power your goalkeeping performance.

  • First time ever…a periodized aerobic power pyramid specifically designed for the
    competitive goalkeeper that will push your goalkeeping ability through the roof!

  • Unravel the secrets behind goalkeeper muscle energetics and how to utilize drug free training prescriptions to boost growth hormone and testosterone…you’ll be a goalkeeping hulk in no time with these super tips!

  • Powerful periodization training prescriptions that will help boost your goalkeeping performance. We even give you a  full training plan outline for Free! Utilize our plan as your own blueprint for goalkeeping success at home with a simple step by step overview of each component that will compel you to greater goalkeeping feats!

  • Real, No B.S. way of gaining strength through solid scientific training guidelines. The G-Code will show you how to power up your muscle strength & endurance without 1001 irrelevant exercises.

  • Super charge your goalkeeping performance with plyometric power training for
    goalkeepers of all levels. Our guide will show you the best training prescriptions and exercises the competitive goalkeeper can use to bullet proof their game!

  • And much, much more…

You’re only seconds away from having this compelling goalkeeper only membership site to help power up your goalkeeping performance to never before seen heights. Click here to gain access to the only current, continually updated goalkeeping resource that every serious goalkeeper should have, all for only US$9.95 per month..

The Best Investment For Your Goalkeeping Development You Can Make

Just think of all the time and money wasted looking for illusive goalkeeper fitness information. If it’s not specific to the competitive goalkeeper, then it just won’t work.

Now imagine uncovering goalkeeper specific development information that can enhance your performance and has only ever been exposed to top goalkeepers in the world.

I’m sure that you will agree that enhancing your goalkeeping ability through the advice of elite goalkeeper professionals is truly worth its weight in gold…and thanks to Keeper Skool Certified you won’t have to break the bank to get your hands on this kind of rare scientific information. You can increase your goalkeeping performance all year round!

You Gain Access To Exclusive Interviews With These Top Flight Goalkeeper Trainer’s In The Keeper Skool Certified Membership Site…Best Of All, We Update Our Interview Roster Every Month!

Dr. Craig Duncan; Interact With An Australian Thought Leader In Goalkeeping Development!

Dr. Duncan is a regular contributor to Keeper Skool Certified. Widely considered Australia’s leading expert in regards to goalkeeping development, Craig has a PhD in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Sydney and is the lead Strength, Conditioning and Nutrition coach for the Jim Fraser International Goalkeepers Academy.

Jim Fraser; Get Insight Into Your Goalkeeping Performance From Australia’s Finest Goalkeeping Coach!

Jim Fraser is an Australian World Cup (1974) goalkeeping legend. His state of the art goalkeeping academy in Sydney Australia is responsible for creating many of Australia’s  greatest goalkeeping exports and homegrown talent. You too can gain access to Jim’s training methodologies if you sign up to Keeper Skool Certified today.

Mike Toshack; Get An Insider View Into How Top Goalkeeping Coaches From Major League Soccer (MLS) Train Their Goalkeepers.

Mike Toshack is the head goalkeeper coach for the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer (USA). When you sign up for Keeper  Skool Certified you’ll get a window view into how coach Toshack has trained his elite goalkeepers Tony Caig and Pat Onstad.

Jose Luis Navas; Discover How This Elite Goalkeeper Coach From The Spainsh Primera Trains His Goalkeepers.

Jose Luis Navas is responsible for the development of youth goalkeepers at RCD Espanyol. Learn how Mr. Navas has developed top goalkeepers like Cameroon goalkeeping legend Thomas N’Kono, and gain valuable insight into how the sports scientists of Espanyol prepare their goalkeepers.

Claudio Rapacioli; Learn How Goalkeeper Trainers From The Elite Leagues of Italy Develop Their Goalkeepers!

Claudio Rapacioli trains top flight goalkeepers for Piacenza in the Italian Serie B. He also created one of the first goalkeeper performance analysis software on the market which is utilized by some of the largest clubs in Europe. Enhance your goalkeeping ability with the insights gained from Caludio’s years of top flight experience.

The above elite goalkeeper trainers are just some of the coaches from around the world whose knowledge you will gain access to when you sign up for the Keeper Skool Certified membership program today. The great thing is, that we have a growing stable of elite goalkeeper coaches queuing in the ranks just to be interviewed by me, because they want to teach goalkeepers just like you! This means, that you get 2 fresh new interviews every month from top-flight goalkeeper coaches, whom will share their tactics to goalkeeping success with you and other members from the Keeper Skool Certified membership program!

Interviews With Elite Goalkeeper Coaches Are One Thing, John. I want To Interact With These Goalkeeper Coaches Regularly!

There is no easier way for you to get access to some of the above internationally recognized goalkeeper coaches than joining the Keeper Skool Certified Program right now. I’ve heard from thousands of goalkeepers from around the world whom have stated that it can be a giant task in trying to find a goalkeeper coach in their local area, let alone gain access to the top goalkeeper trainers from around the globe.

The Keeper Skool Certified membership site is guaranteed to allow you to gain access to the  very best goalkeeper coaches in the world, and we’ll even take it one step further…you can interact with the very same coaches that I Interview on a monthly basis via your very own members only forum accessible with your monthly subscription to the Keeper Skool Certified membership program.

There are now 118 members to Keeper Skool Certified (and growing every day) since we re-launched our website a few months ago, and many of our members are also the trainers that we interview on a monthly basis. Keeper Skool Certified membership program truly gives you the chance to interact with other goalkeeper’s from around the world, and pick the brains of elite goalkeeper coaches from some of the best goalkeeper training environments.

When it comes to the the highly competitive world of the goalkeeper, there is no time to search for outdated  information. Simply invest in Keeper Skool Certified membership program and get on with enhancing your goalkeeper performance, click here to order your membership subscription today.

Bonus: Free 10 Week Goalkeeper Training Guide!

Now I want to make sure that you get the most out of your goalkeeper fitness regime as possible, so I’ve created a specially designed 10 week training program for goalkeepers of all ages! I wrote this guide specifically for the competitive goalkeeper to give a powerful step-by-step analysis of every facet of your game. I’ve been waiting to unleash it to an unsuspecting goalkeeping public for quite some time! In this 10 week program delivered by email, you’ll receive over 25+ pages broken down, week by week that goes through all the fundamental goalkeeper techniques you must know to succeed in the highly competitive world of the soccer goalkeeper…and then some!

Here are just a few of the riveting discoveries you will find within this exclusive training course:

  • Learn the power of momentum and how proper footwork can save not only the ball from hitting the back of the net, but help you save energy and increase power.

  • Understand the science of angles and how to best position yourself so that you save the ball more efficiently and attack the ball more effectively.

  • How to punch the ball more effectively and increase the power of your distribution.

  • Learn secret diving techniques only taught in elite European youth academies.

  • Gain the gift of the “Gab”! Learn the powerful 8 step technique to increasing the strength of your defensive line, and keep control of your 18 yard box through the power of positive communication!

  • Discover what the best strikers in the world don’t want you to know! How to foil any strike attempt on goals using our simple shooting analysis.

  • How to create powerful visual images that will help you increase confidence in your ability 365 days a year!

  • Learn the essential techniques to increase the effectiveness of your distribution by hand and by foot.

  • Teach the opposition a lesson by reading the penalty situation more effectively.

  • Discover the mechanics of attack and defense.

  • And so much more…

Now you can gain access to this exclusive 10 week goalkeeper training program instantly by providing your details in the form below. Once you click the submit  button, you will receive your comprehensive training guide (weekly) for the next 10 weeks. That’s almost $250 worth of personal goalkeeping information for Free!

Use the 10 week course alongside your training regime outlined within The G-Code and Keeper Skool Certified and watch your goalkeeping game soar to previously undiscovered heights! Sign up for your exclusive report using the form below now (you will be re-directed, though quickly press the back button to return to this page):

My No Hassle, 1 Year Money Back Guarantee

By the way, our exclusive 10 week training program bonus is yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money back guarantee.

Take one full year to examine and use Keeper Skool Certified. That’s right. You have 365 days to put this valuable membership site to work in your quest for greater goalkeeping development!

Test Keeper Skool Certified for yourself…Try as many of the valuable training prescriptions outlined as you like. Once you’ve used these strategies in your own goalkeeper training, I’m confident you’ll NEVER want to
unsubscribe from the service!

But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out one red cent. Just tell us via email you do not wish to use our innovative online training program and we’ll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of this 365 day guarantee!

You don’t have to decide now if Keeper Skool Certified is the right product for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn’t do everything I say and more, just let me know and I’ll give you every cent of your money back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Finally, Because you are entrusting me with teaching you how to turbo charge your goalkeeper fitness, I want you to keep the 10 week training program  bonus absolutely free of charge, even if you opt out of the Keeper Skool Certified program.  That’s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!

You Can Have Access To Your Exclusive Keeper Skool Certified Membership Program IN JUST 5 MINUTES!

To order Keeper Skool Certified just click here to be guided to our secure online ordering system. If you  request your membership to Keeper Skool Certified via our online order system, you will receive your access code to the Keeper Skool Certified membership program immediately, so you can start using the powerful goalkeeper training guidelines in the next five minutes.

The best thing is that we will email you all this information all in just five minutes. You will see dramatic results in your goalkeeper performance for the fact that you can start implementing these innovative goalkeeper training principles TODAY!

The fastest way to order is via our secure online server. For the monthly subscription price of just US$9.95, you will receive powerful goalkeeper information only found here on our exclusive site, and via our innovative Keeper Skool Certified membership program. Order your monthly subscription to the Keeper Skool Certified membership program by clicking here.

To Your Success,

John Stevanja

Keeper Skool

P.S. Remember, I guarantee that if you use just one of our information packed goalkeeper training principles outlined within the Keeper Skool Certified membership program it will enhance your goalkeeper ability to previously unknown heights; otherwise you can unsubscribe next month, in six months time, or by the end of the year for a prompt 150%, no fuss, no hassles, absolutely no questions asked refund…PLUS…you will still get to keep the free training guide that I included that is valued at well over $250.

P.P.S. I’ll even throw in a free 1 hour goalkeeper consultation via a training venue of your choice (only within metropolitan Sydney Australia) valued at well over $200, at no cost to you! Order your subscription to Keeper Skool Certified today.

P.P.P.S. If you don’t order your subscription to Keeper Skool Certified right now, you will be missing out on a fantastic new and innovative way to enhance your goalkeeping performance.

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